Hydra Gel Mask


Particulary suitable for calming, hydrating and regenerating skin following aggressive treatments such as micro-needling or laser therapy. Developped using TCD (Transdermal Cosmetic Delivery) technology so the temperature of the skin causes the microcapsules it contains to rupture, releasing their active ingredients, which are immediately absorbed. The result is fast and effective penetration of the ingredients into the deep layers of the skin.

Its components are highly moisturizing and activate collagen. It stimulates the growth of fibroblasts, which increase collagen production and the healing of microwounds produced by GoldPen treatment. The result is a significant improvement in elasticity and skin rejunevation, as well as an ongoing moisturizing effect.


Application produces a rapid cooling effect and hyper-moisturisation of the skin, reducing erythema and lowering skin temperature by up to 6 following a 15-minute application, which is extremely pleasant for the patient. In addition, the thin layer of AquaGel prevents the solution applied from evaporating, providing an enhanced moisturizing effect, while its ingredients shield skin from free radicals and its antibacterial effect protects it from infection.


Регенериращи маски, както за професионална употреба, така и употреба в домашни условия

При поставяне се постига внезапен освежаващ, охлаждащ и овлажняващ ефект, намаляващ еритема и температурата на по-чувствителните зони до 6 градуса 15 минути след поставянето на маската. Активните компонент на маските защитават кожата от свободните радикали, докато антибактериалните компоненти я предпазват от възможни възпаления.